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Our organization supports our community by funding and organizing music workshops and cultural activities targeted at young people, changing attitudes and increasing the level of knowledge of music and music creation, as art, as intellectual property, and as a part of the contemporary history of their own personal, professional, and cultural societ


Gospel Music Class

Gospel music represents, according to music history, the roots of such genres as jazz, blues, rock, funk, avant-garde, contemporary classical music, etc. Knowing the roots of music is a main necessity in the artistic development of each performer. The classes formed will train and develop the musical culture of young participants by presenting new styles and rhythms that represent the zero point of music of any gende.

During the course we formed and developed the “Visions of Dreams’’ Choir that will participate with an extraordinary concert at the Fusion Festival or other concerts.

The aim of the class is to develop the musical culture of young participants, to increase the vocalists’ interpretive level and to teach them with different rhythms, tones and interpretations.

Instrumental practice Class

Techniques for using instruments, learning new rhythms, learning with temples, practicing breaks, exercising tools, learning techniques, instrumental music history, organizing competitive demos with young instrumentalists and participants.

Jazz/blues/rock/reggae Class

The program will expose jazz, blues, rock and reggae history, demonstrative representations to be designed and organized, as well as vocal and instrumental practice. The purpose of the program is to provide students and young people with access to information and effective practice of genres and musical techniques that can not be taught in the public schools.

Music creation Workshop

Encouraging young talents is one of the most important concerns in running our informal education program. Under the direct co-ordination of experienced instructors, the participants are directed to the development of creative music, composition, lyric writing, song composition, copyright protection, and comping.

Participation in festivals/ concerts/representations with the Instrumental practice Class and Gospel Music Class – „Visions of Dreams”Choir  and Canaan Land Band.

A group of  students and youngsters will be selected among the program participants, who will form the “Visions of Dreams” Choir and also the Canaan Land Band which will be formed of instrumentalists participating in the class as follows: drum, piano, organ, classical guitar, bass violin, and bass guitar. They will perform at the festivals/ concerts/representations.


Our music law workshop, and our workshops on American blues, gospel music, jazz, fusion, and reggae music impacted the children, teaching, and empowering them with knowledge of American culture, music literature, and history.


The program goals and objectives include to improve the lives of minority children in our community and region with defined project outcome to develop music skills, enlighten the community of the  importance of musical and artistic endeavors, to encourage  entrepreneurial spirit of aspiring music artists, and to enhance  business opportunities for our local and regional communities, through services, goods, and tourism. 

We continue our workshops, to teach andto inspire our students through leadership development,  community involvement, and promotion of  the democratic ideals of  transparency, anti-corruption, and rule of law.


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